Heading hidden


Fort Myers Beach is one of the most popular beach destinations in our local area. The barrier island is located to the southwest of the county and is joined to the main land of Fort Myers by a non-toll bridge known locally as the ‘Sky Bridge’. The island itself is approximately 7 miles long and the beach runs the entire length of the island on the Gulf of Mexico side. The island is around 1 mile wide so not too large and easy to explore. The Gulf waters are shallow along the shore line and the sands are like silky white powder. This makes for an ideal destination for families and beach lovers alike and suitable for the young and more mature visitor. The island is primarily home to nearly 7,000 permanent residents and is laid back with a beach-y vibe.

Fort Myers Beach is a city in its’ own right. This means it has its’ own mayor and council. The town is serviced by a huge new library that was completed in 2012. It also has its’ own fire service on the island. There are 2 supermarkets, one of which is the state-wide chain Publix, and provide the groceries for the islanders. The highest concentration of retail is located on the north end of the island as you enter at the bottom of the Sky Bridge. This area is known as Times Square and here you will find many boutique type gift shops and restaurants. There is also a lovely pier to stroll along and is a very popular fishing spot with the locals.

Notable things to do on Fort Myers Beach include shelling along the shore line at low tide. There is an 18 hole golf course located on the south end of the island and open to the public. The beach is also home to a community pool located at Bay Oaks Recreation Center. Here you can enjoy a family friendly atmosphere with water slides and water features; a great place for small children. Visitors can also book from local beach based providers sunset cruises, dolphin cruises, segway tours, specialty fishing charters, hire jet skis, hire bicycles; you can even hire a Harley if you wish! As you can see the beach is a very unique place with family fun in mind and a great place to visit whilst in the area.